Google Bans Auto Content-generating Blogs and Websites Running Adsense

Written By Sam on 18 January 2011

The Google Adsense team has officially announced that blogs and websites that automatically gather content from other websites and display it on their site while running its Adsense program will be weeded out and banned. This is seen as a measure to ensure quality content is displayed on search results.

In an effort to maximize Adsense revenues and throughput some websites and bloggers have been using duplicated content. This move protects advertisers who lose money through Adwords on such autoblogs. This action will also improve quality and might put an end to such autoblogs. Such autoblogging sites will have to remove the Adsense code from their networks or stop altogether.

A fall out is that news aggregators who pull off news may be adversely affected and this could adversely affect their Adsense incomes.

The good news is that people who develop quality content will get a chance to display their work by being better positioned in search results.

This action will result in a better balance between the user, the publisher and the advertiser who will be encouraged to give more to the Adwords program.

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