Google Rolls Out New Search Algorithm, Improves Quality Website Rankings and Aims at Dropping Content Farm Sites

Written By Sam on 27 February 2011

Google is all set to improvise its most popular and powerful search engine by implementing new algorithms. Google has rolled out a new Search algorithm that would impact the search results obtained by providing only relevant websites or links that have appropriate information. This move of Google is commendable as it would result in removing or de-ranking the websites that does not yield any information like the “Content Farms”.

Google’s new search algorithm will not only reduce the ranking for low-quality sites, that is the sites which turn out to be unfruitful to users and are mostly a copy of other websites, but also enhance the rankings of high quality sites that provide useful information and in-depth reports. This is a major improvement and adds new values to the search engine as well.

Google’s personal have also utilized the information from Personal Blocklist Chrome extension (released recently) to identify the most blocked sites. And the new Algorithm will address 84% of these blocked sites says the reports. Implementation of this algorithm might target content farm websites thus helping users yield better and genuine search results. This change is currently rolled out in the US with other countries and regions to follow later this year. Though many of the webmasters are unhappy with Google new algorithm, but we feel this change is essential for a healthy web world. It is too early to decide how this algorithm works, still we assume that new Google search results would be of less content farms than now.

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