Follow Webmaster Guidelines While Selling Links and Avoid Getting Penalized by Google

Written By Sam on 17 October 2009

There are many webmasters out there who love to make money by selling paid links on their blogs. But after few days they realize that they have made a BIG mistake when Google or some other search engine penalizes them.

Do you think that Google hates paid links? No!, yes you heard it right, Google doesn’t hate paid links, it only hates links that manipulate the search results.


What are Paid Links?

Paid Links are the text ads that you see on many blogs and websites that point to another website or blog. There are many companies and webmasters who spend large amounts to get links from quality websites. The main reason to buy Paid Links is to increase their reputation very quickly which is bad.

Why do People go for Paid Links?

Most people go for paid links with some motto behind that. A new company might be looking for paid links when it want to increase it’s reputation on the Internet very quickly. A new affiliate marketer looks for paid links to increase search results for his product thus earning more money. The main reason behind all these is that Google and many other search engines use backlinks to determine the reputation of a website. A site’s ranking in Google search results is partly based on the backlinks the site has. Both the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of links count towards the rating of a website in the search results. So to increase the search rankings many people go for Paid Links. They try to use the keywords for which they need to rank better in the search results.

How do Paid Links Change the Search Results?

Paid Links can easily change the search results which will result in a bad user experience. Lets say a new company called “Fraud Consultancy” got thousands of paid links with a keyword “Reliable Consultancy” within a months time span. Google thinks that the site is doing a good job and people are loving to link to it which is actually not correct. So when I search for “Reliable Consultancy” in Google, the fraudulent website comes first in the list which might not be the result the user was looking for. These kind of manipulated search results will definitely spoil the user experience.

Why Google Hate Paid Links?

Google only hates paid links that manipulate the search results. Some SEO’s and webmasters engage in the practice of buying and selling links that are mainly intended to pass the Google PageRank. Such webmasters and site owners never think how their actions are manipulating the search results in a negative way. Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and will negatively impact a site’s ranking in the search results.

How to Sell Paid Links Without Getting Penalized?

I already told you that Google doesn’t hate all the Paid Links. It just hates those links that try to manipulate search results. Google says that buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes and not for manipulation of search results. So when you are looking to sell or buy links without affecting the search results you can do that by

Should I Sell/Buy Paid Links?

Until you are selling or buying links just for advertisement purposes and following all the webmaster guidelines, you are more welcomed to do that. But don’t ever try to change the search results just to make some money very quickly as that will definitely have a long term impact on your website.

My final thought is that, if you are webmaster do think about great content which will compel people to link to your site and if you are a webmaster never think about quick money if you have got some long term plans.

13 Responses to “Follow Webmaster Guidelines While Selling Links and Avoid Getting Penalized by Google”

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  2. Uttoran Sen says:

    nice post, if someone is selling links just for traffic and advertisement purpose, a rel=nofollow attribute is common sense, no point getting penalized for a mistake that that was intended…

  3. Selling paid links is something that I have never done and will never do on my main blog unless I want to stop blogging in six months.

    (Btw, I see that this post has a PR of 4.. How come man? Is it the prize for spreading Google policies?)

  4. Rahul says:

    I don’t like paid links. It is better to be on safe side. John chow is best example of Google penalty.

  5. BlogrPro says:

    These day people are worrying much about getting penalized in Google. They should be very careful when allowing any paid links because we have to know whether link leads to a secure or a malware page like that.

  6. one should avoid practicing Paid Links as the chances were high that Google may penalize your site also..

  7. Shekhar Sahu says:

    There are better free links.

  8. Ruchi says:

    “no follow” is best way to save your site from Google penalty. Anywayz its always better to do blogging safely without paid links .

  9. babor_7uiu says:

    yah ruchi u r absolutely wright. I m agree with you. And thanks everybody for your most important information

  10. Rubi Toepfer says:

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