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Written By Sam on 17 September 2013

Cell C obviously has proven itself as one of the leading cellular provider services in South Africa, planting its roots for success back in 2001. They have since then built such an impressive company, providing countless people with excellent cellular service and even better customer service. Those who have become a part of the network understand Cell C’s mission and philosophy for a customer driven company; one that centers all actions and decisions about what will best benefit the customer.

If you have that same passion for providing the best customer service one can have, you may want to visit Cell C and see if it is a company you can really see yourself with. Chances are, you’ll like what you see! You can do it in a number of ways.

Cell C

Become a franchisor or dealer

This is a very exciting way to become a part of the Cell C team; Cell C does have rather high standards though, so you have to be sure you are an excellent candidate. For one, you will be required to have the proper financial resources available to open your own franchise, Cell C can’t completely back you up on that part of things; but being financially sound going into this will insure a smooth transition into success for you.

It would be preferred that you actually do have retail experience; this way you especially know what the customer wants from their experience, and you are more capable of providing that to them. Business experience is also a huge plus, this will help show you know your way around owning one yourself and that you are trustworthy with a branch of Cell C’s business. Of course, above all else, if you have industry experience that will put you above everyone else. Visit Cell C now to find out how you can create a new and exciting adventure for yourself.

Join a retail team

This will help you tap into those passions of providing excellent customer service to all of those you encounter. It is an excellent way to get your foot in the door with the industry, and start gaining real world experience. Having excellent interpersonal and communication skills is a must for this; being extremely enthusiastic about your job and the product is so appreciated both by your superiors and the customer you are helping.

Who knows, after some time spent in a store, you could find yourself owning your own franchise one day. It takes one step at a time, and Cell C is eager to guide you along the way. If you visit Cell C right now you can find out even more about the exciting opportunity that awaits you. They even provide an application link, so you can get started on this new exciting path right away!

So what are you waiting for? Opportunity is knocking on your door and you should answer. Visit Cell C right now to find out how you can get involved with an amazing company that can transform your life in many ways.

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