Understanding The Importance Of Sat-Navs

Written By Sam on 24 November 2013

Satellite navigation devices are some of the most important features that have come to define our modern world. Although many may be unaware of their prevalence, these instruments are used in countless transport systems and without their help, travel and communications would quickly grind to a halt. So, it proves wise to take a look at how such instruments operate and why they have become all but critical for our welfare in the 21st century.


As the name denotes, satellite navigation relies on what are known as geosynchronous satellites that are in orbit high above the earth. These satellites help electronic devices on earth find their location to within a few meters. So, it should come as no surprise that individuals who travel frequently rely upon this system for both safety and security. For instance, satellite navigation systems tell an airplane its altitude, airspeed and location; all of which are critical to avoid accidents. These devices are also used in most mass transit networks as well as the common automobile. Without satellite navigation, we would quickly become lost and in the case of mass transit, dangerous conditions may soon present themselves.

Sat Nav

How These Systems Affect the Traveller

Satellite navigation devices play a role that cannot be overstated in the lives of commuters; perhaps most notably in the form of what are colloquially known as GPS system. These devices help track location and places that the traveler may wish to visit by employing user-friendly interfaces that allow for streamlined commuting across town or across a continent. Also known simply as sat nav systems, drivers are increasingly dependent on their functionality and reliability. In fact, there are many innovations that are being considered that will enable their use to be even more integrated into 21st century automobiles. From maps that are projected onto a vehicle’s windscreen to systems that rely solely on voice recognition technology, such designs are said to be only years away from becoming reality.

So, it is clear that satellite navigation systems will continue to feature prominently in the years ahead. In fact, there are concerns that should an event such as a solar flare take place, many of these important satellites could be rendered useless. This would undoubtedly strand millions of travelers across the globe. Nonetheless, these sat nav systems have become all but essential in our methods of modern navigation and travelling. Their importance is only expected to grow into the foreseeable future.

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