Nokia 10.1-Inch Windows RT Tablet Comes With Surface Like Cover

Written By Sam on 27 December 2012

Nokia’s Windows Tablet comes with 10.1 inch display that is said to be similar to the panel on Microsoft’s own Surface RT tablet. According to the Verge, Nokia’s Windows RT tablet might hit the shelves in early 2013, and is rumored to be pretty standard. It will reportedly also feature HDMI and USB ports. The highlight of the Nokia Windows RT tablet, the nomenclature for which yet remains a mystery, is going to be its Surface like keyboard cover with an embedded battery back. This additional battery will allow you to charge your device on the go, extending the mileage that you will get on the move from your tablet PC.

Nokia Windows RT Tablet

Digitimes last week reports that Nokia delayed its tablet due to Microsoft’s surprise announcement of the Surface. The company apparently decided it would be best to focus more on smartphones based on the Windows Phone 8 platform. The sources have revealed that the Finnish company is planning to build a small number of the tablets initially, with a view to potentially building a Windows 8 device later. Nokia’s first tablet will run on an ARM chip with Microsoft’s new Windows RT operating system. Recent reports have suggested that Nokia may unveil its tablet at Mobile World Congress.

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