Download Touch Based Timepass Applications For Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile

Written By Sam on 20 July 2009

Today morning I was searching for Games and Applications for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and came across the official Nokia India website where there are some good number of touch based applications. Most of the applications for Nokia 5800 Mobile are touch screen based. I downloaded Touch Guitar, Touch Piano, Drummer and Flute applications and installed on my 5800 XpressMusic Mobile. All these timepass applications for Nokia 5800 are really good and they will definitely help you to pass your time.

Touch Guitar for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile


With Touch Guitar you can strum your favorite tune by touching the strings on your mobile. You can enjoy the experience of a real guitar on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Touch Guitar has got 126 different chord combination and you can choose from the three types of guitars which includes an Electric Guitar also. There are also some pre-loaded songs to inspire you.

Download Touch Guitar for Nokia 5800 Mobile

Drummer for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile


You can enjoy the experience of a real drum on your Nokia 5800 mobile with the Drummer application. You can get the real drum sound effects by touching the drums on your mobile. You can even choose from the four funky skins to personalize your drums. There are also some pre-loaded songs to inspire you.

Download Drummer for Nokia 5800 Mobile

Touch Piano for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile


If you love to play a piano then you can experience a real piano on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with Touch Piano. Touch Piano comes with five instrument sounds: Piano, Violin, Flute, Saxophone and Guitar. There are smart skins for a personalised look and 17 key piano preloaded with songs.

Download Touch Piano for Nokia 5800 Mobile

Flute for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile


If you are looking to create some soothing music on your 5800 mobile then you need to try the Flute touch screen application. With Flute your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will transform into a real flute. You can blow the air in the microphone, tap the holes displayed on the screen and you have a flute in your hands. The Flute application gives you an original flute feel – sensitive to breath, movements and touch with real sound effects. There are four skins for you to choose from.

Download Flute for Nokia 5800 Mobile

You can download all the above applications to your PC and then transfer them to your mobile and install from it. You can also install them directly using the Nokia PC Suite. If you haven’t installed the PC suite yet, use your laptop to transfer the files via Bluetooth and then install the applications from your mobile directly.

84 Responses to “Download Touch Based Timepass Applications For Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile”

  1. anoop says:

    thank you for providing us with this applications its really cool

  2. Salman Khan says:

    i download touch gutar and many more but not working in pakistan. so if u know about this then plz helf me …………….
    amd tell me how it work in pakistan.

    thank u.

  3. gokul says:

    thank u for providing these apps they r really coool

  4. Rafi says:

    i have installed all three instuments in my 5800.but wen opens it says “the application didnt allow to run on ur phone network(only india telco simcard)”….plz help

  5. I would like to download Guitar.

  6. sher bhai says:

    i am downloading this application in pakistan when it is downloaded from the internet and starts to install so it says it needs an indian simcard to run

    plz plz plz do somthing about it

  7. ashik says:

    sir i have a problem on my 5800 express blutooth is not working so sir wt can i do now.

  8. raja says:



  9. Spaceblade says:

    I hope you can find some way to use this apps on a diferent SIM card that Indian.

  10. Azhar says:

    HI love the applications but they don’t seem to work in Cape Town South Africa.
    Please Reply ASAP!!

  11. shakya says:

    no ..there should be a way to fix it…i know few people in nepal who uses those applications…

  12. heshan says:

    many many thanks for the apps:) though i hv’nt tried ne of them.

  13. Mishal says:

    i am using this application but i am not enjoying it cause the flash navigation keypad appears on the screen. The game does not run in full screen without that naigation keys. Can anyone plz help me get rid of that…. thnx

  14. venkat chowdary says:

    hi friends i downloaded music app…….piano,guiter…but aftr installing it was telling that only that indian sim cards r hving this facilities……my sim is from india……so frnds plz could u help me regarding this problem…….
    thank u

  15. venkat chowdary says:

    hi frnds this is venkat i downloaded the music applications…..but it wastelling that it is useful only for indian sim……iam from india only so plz can u help regardind 2 this problem…..
    thank u

  16. ankur says:

    ya i m having the same problem 2..
    i m from india too using vodafone sim .. y it is not working.. can anyone help me out

  17. satheesh says:

    Thank you for the software

  18. omair ahmed says:


    i have downloaded all the 3 music application from this website ,none of them r working bcoz i m not having an indian sim card is there any other website which can help me out ……

  19. Ali Asgar says:

    i have installed the application but its not working properly my cell is working slow becoz of it.
    plz help me out

  20. senthl says:

    hey tell hoe to install this touch screen games into 5800

  21. oggeh says:

    Yeah it doesen’t work for that sim-card that I use. If you find a possible solution please write to my e-mail!
    gott messenger to on the same.

  22. gopinath says:

    hi iam gopinath from india bro can u please help me. When i install the third party apps from other sites like mobiles24,dotsis etc it shows error “certificate problem contact provider” can u plesea help in solving this problem.And how to hack the 5800 xm please help meeeeeeee waiting for ur reply

  23. Massih says:

    hey dude please find some solution for this, I have the same problem like many its not working in any other simcard…. I am from Afghanistan

  24. Unknown says:

    Hello! These applications says it requires an Indian Sim Card!

  25. arslan says:

    yar ye indian mobiles k liye he :@
    how it will work nw???

  26. arslan says:

    tau hum kahan se indian sim cards laen :@

  27. surander kharta says:

    piano exp. is like areal piano

  28. dj says:

    I downloaded these applications. But all are very slow.

  29. arun says:

    i bought a 5800 music express from U.S i am using it now in india
    wen i installed these guitar& piano it says ” it did not support on your phone (only run @ 5800 xpress music) how to trouble shoot this problem

  30. chirag says:

    hi maja aa gaya i like ur app i am felling good thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much

  31. Saif says:

    Hey, applications are cool, but we can download this through Nokia website(no fear of being affected with any kind of virus)

  32. shan says:

    is these software for india only

  33. Abhilash says:

    Thank for the resource boss!!

    I purchased nokia n97 mini yesterday and will try these applications on it.

  34. mynong says:

    l luv’d d app but they seemed to b working very slow guess wat can b d problem..

  35. shasha says:

    hi even i have same problem though i have indian sim touch guitar is not working

  36. muneeb says:

    i install touch piano bt it says “this app didnt allow to run on your phone network.(only india telco sim card)”…help me plz

  37. ankita says:

    i hav buyed phn frm india and it has an indian airtel sim still when i open it a message is displayed that it didnt allow to run on this network

    • muji says:

      hye ankita ds is muji 923007430289 dis is my contact no plz contact me i show u some intrusting apps n games ok bye TC

  38. ANKIT says:

    what indian sims can u tell something abt them name some of them

  39. bikesh says:

    can this thing work in nokia 5230… plzz rply soon

  40. sXn says:

    U can make it run by changing the product code of ur fone. If u r from some else place or even if u buy it in another country then change the product of ur fone. That’ll do.

  41. BALLU says:

    i am ali piano tuche game ↲is ameging

  42. shahjahan says:

    friends use aircel sim card it will work on that. I have played it on aircel

  43. dehins says:

    thank u so much………it sounds amazing but it is a bit slow in my phone in accuracy……is the same prob does every1 has………..?

  44. roy tjon says:

    i need the touch player for my nokia 5800

  45. Pizzy says:

    Hey Guys Just Turn the Phone To Off-line Before Instal The APPS.( You Need Stay Offline to use)

  46. nibhir chakma says:

    i like playing on the phone!Thank u for giving me to touch

  47. aman says:

    oh.can these applications be downloaded in nokia 5233…….??

  48. Farhan says:

    Not working fine on Nokia 5530, please help… It didn’t opened on full screen…

  49. harsha says:

    thanks for the software applications mate!! they are working very nice

  50. Poorvaja says:

    hi, i want a similar app for my nokia 233…can u please help?

  51. Ijaz says:

    I had install piano app for nokia 5233, but it doesn’t work on it, help me…..

  52. Zia says:

    hey this does not work on Nokia you know any similar apps that may work on Nokia 5233?please let me know.thank you.

  53. jussem says:

    it doesnt work men!!! all the apps. doesnt work…

  54. haseeb says:

    hey buddy these softwares are not working all over pakistan according to above comments even i have tried but….. i just wanted to ask u y this is happening

  55. krunal says:

    hi i am having nokia 5230 and want to run drummer on my phone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  56. arslan says:

    i download touch piano and drummer for my nokia 5800 but after installing it and when i start the application .there is a prompt that shows detecting error and below is writen—-this feature works only on indian telco simcard…..i dont undrstand why this app. dont run on my phone plse reply i frm india

  57. arslan says:

    tell me frm which website i should download touchpiano and drummer ,flute, guitar for my nokia 5800 and where to install this on my mobile i frm india and i am using airtel simcrd

  58. abhishek says:

    hey i have tried installing the apps but they say that the app expired in jun 2010

  59. konjo says:

    thik hua nai chala toh

  60. Manoj says:

    Hi guys, I am also facing the same problem while running the piano application. it says “This application has expired in june 2010”. Please help me.

  61. Karan says:

    Great application dude…………

  62. Ryan says:

    hey i have download these touch based application but it only work with indian telco sim…n am frm india…pls help

  63. shashank says:

    i jst loved them…………thnx..’n’ plz uplod more app. if possible

  64. paw says:

    i download it but its not working on my phone
    error is (this app.didn’t allow to run on your phone network only india telco in the philippines,and im a pilipino
    pls help how can i work it on my cellphone,nokia5800expressmusic

  65. TZAKHS says:

    pame gera nokia 5800

  66. Dhananjay says:

    unable to open file..need help..Flute Drummer application…. need help

  67. Dhananjay says:

    plz send ans why did not open FLUTE & DRUMMER in my nokia 5800 express music

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