Google Introduces Instant Previews; Provides Graphic Overview of Search Result, Highlights Relevant Sections

Written By Sam on 10 November 2010

Google has been working on improving search experience for users to give them the best, most relevant and closest results to their search criteria. When you run a search in Google, it comes back with more than 10 pages of results on an average. Even more sometimes. But these aren’t as helpful when you need to visit a number of links to see whether the resulting websites provide you with relevant information. Or if you could just get a sneak peek into what a page holds before you decide to hit the link and explore the site fully.

Google Search now has a new and improved feature to boast of. The company has introduced ‘instant visual previews’ which give users a snapshot of the links they might be interested in before they decide to explore the site in detail. It’s a tool that is aimed at helping users evaluate their search results so that they are most likely to find the information they were actually looking for, or at least the closest possible.

It’s simple to enable the instant previews feature. Just click on the magnifying glass indicated next to the thumbnail against a link you’re interested in. This activates the instant preview setting. Now, every time you hover your mouse over a thumbnail a preview window with a screenshot of the page will be displayed that gives you a glimpse of what the site contains and how much it will help your search needs.

The advantages here are that this will work for websites which have pictures and videos or detailed guidelines or those with lengthy articles. However, on the downside, sites which are not well-constructed but have relevant content might be rejected by the user depending judging on the preview displayed.

This feature is already in the process of being rolled out and will be available in over 40 languages in the next few days.

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