Google Launches Google Engage Program; Provides Free Training on Products like Analytics, Google Places

Written By Sam on 8 January 2011

The world has become a smaller place and marketing guys have to cast their nets far and wide not only to progress but also to maintain their standing among peers. Involved in the marketing process are advertising and marketing agencies, webmasters and web developers and individuals or small businesses that help other businesses expand their online business. Google Engage is a specific program aimed to benefit these people in their activities. It is a free online training package.

Google has an extensive set of products ranging from Adwords to Adsense, Google Places, specifically targeted at business promotion using the internet as the medium. Now, through Engage, Google seeks to train people to use its specific tools to better advantage. As an incentive, Google is offering some free Adwords vouchers that these marketing agencies can pass on to their clients to encourage them to participate in Google programs.

To participate and apply for the program, you need to select your country name — the US, UK, Australia or India. So, if you are based in India, to be eligible for the program you must have:

  • An online website
  • Operate in India
  • Specialize in helping other businesses online either through campaign management or web developments
  • Most importantly, willing to promote Google products to your clients.

Benefits of Google Engage

  • Free AdWords vouchers – Attract new clients with free Rs. 2,500 advertising vouchers
  • Event invitations – Learn new skills and network with other participants
  • Targeted education – Watch webinars, videos, and tutorials deigned just for you
  • Promotional materials – Access ready-made collateral to get your clients informed
  • Google Certification help – Get training and vouchers to help you become Certified
  • U2U Group – Discuss popular relevant topics with other participants

Looks like Google is indirectly seeking to promote its Adwords campaign through this approach. On completion of this program, an agency will be learning new skills and will network with other participants, have training to help them become certified U2U group and carry more weightage with their clients — existing or prospective. It can be used as a stepping stone to the Google Adwords certification program. This could lead to an official badge showing Adwords qualification and an option to appear on Google Partner Search Engine.

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