Google Play Growing Fast Than Apple’s App Store

Written By Sam on 25 December 2012

According to the latest report from Distimo, Google Play showed tremendous growth. Over the past four months, combined daily revenue of Google Play has grown 43%, while for Apple’s App Store this figure has reached only 21%. Over the whole year, the App Store’s revenue has grown 51% in the 20 countries. However, daily revenues in the Apple App Store are up to five times higher than those of Google Play. Apple’s App Store has much larger sales than Google’s Play but the later is growing much faster.

Google Play

Even though the growth in revenues in Google Play in the last four months is close to that of the Apple App Store in 2012, the growth in daily revenues in the Apple App Store was higher than the total daily revenues in Google Play when comparing absolute daily revenue values. The proportion of revenue that derived from in-apps increased from 53% to 69% in 2012. However, in 2012 there were still some publishers who were very successful with a paid only strategy. Moreover, 35% of the revenue from the top 10 publishers was derived from one-off fees in 2012.

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