iTunes Triples Song Preview Lengths, To Offer 90 Sec Song Previews for Songs More than 2.30 mins Long

Written By Sam on 4 November 2010

Apple’s music application iTunes will now be providing 90 second long song reviews instead of the earlier 30 second lengths. Apple informed music labels and providers of the change in a recent e-mail. But this change applies only to songs that have a total length of more than 2 minutes 30 seconds and songs shorter than that will still have the usual 30 second review.

This change will come into effect for global stores soon after it is launched in the US. Apple has initiated talks with groups like the National Music Publishers Association and Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) to ensure their support and get them on board with this change in song review lengths. Though some labels still haven’t accepted the change, they might remove complete catalogues of their songs from the iTunes store to force a reversal.

Consumers however still stand to benefit from this change as Apple continues to struggle with the ever increasing music piracy phenomenon as well as compete with other digital music store competitors like who are giving similar services at much cheaper prices.

With some music distributors showing lack of support to this change, there are others like Symphonic Distribution that feel that this change is for the better, as it provides consumers with more preview time for the material they wish to buy.

The change seems inevitable nevertheless with conflicting opinions on both sides and Apple has come up with more reasons for you to part with your money and enjoy their services.

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