Free Mac OS Applications to Control iTunes

Written By Sam on 12 May 2009

If have an iPod or iPhone and love to use iTunes then you will find many applications to control iTunes so that you can play and browse songs very easily. Though there are many nicely designed paid applications, the FREE apps to control iTunes are far more than enough. If you regularly use iTunes then you can give these iTunes controllers a try to make your life easier.


Free Applications to Control iTunes

GimmeSomeTune – It is a very popular iTunes extension with lot of features. It can easily Fetch artwork and lyrics for you. The lyrics window gives quick access to your lyrics. GimmeSomeTune supports and is highly customizable.

Bowtie – Bowtie is a free application which allows you to control your iTunes with shortcuts, submits your songs to It looks very simple, yet very powerful. You can even make it more appealing with xhtml, css and javascript based theming system.


You Control – With You Control:Tunes you can access iTunes music library from any custom menu. You can easily rate and control your music from Mac OS X menu bar. You can easily assign hot keys to your favorite iTunes commands for quicker access.

ByteController – This simple application comes with three buttons: previous song, next song and play/pause. Though it looks simpler it might be more than enough for many users.

If you use any other applications to control your iTunes then do let us know about them.

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