Microsoft Lawyer States Google Is The Internet Emperor

Written By Sam on 25 December 2012

According to Pamela Jones Harbour, who is a lawyer for the Fulbright & Jaworski firm and who represents Microsoft as well as other technology companies, believes Google is the emperor of the internet with data collection and privacy invading policies. She says that Google is the Internet’s emperor due to Google claiming more than 80% of all internet searches and 98% of all searches on mobile services. She argues that Google’s dominance in collecting data about people is not only danger to privacy but is also anti-democratic. Harbour also believes that this is very dangerous and needs to stop.


She argues that Google doesn’t allow people to make choices about the way their data is used, and because it gives Google too much of a competitive edge against other companies. She then turns Google’s own words against the company. She notes that not long after Google’s founding, it adopted a set of principles, one of which was “Democracy on the Web works”. She says, though, that Google has become so dominant in search engine giant, it has become the Web’s emperor she concludes.

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