Google Reader Gets Friends Trends Along With Other Improvements

Written By Sam on 19 May 2009

Today, Google reader released a new version of reader with couple of small changes and tweaks, but the biggest addition is a chart of “Friends Trends” where you can see which of your friends share the most content and whose shared items you read.


In Google Reader, the chart presents details of friends who share articles per day and how many of those read them on average. The reader team is continuing its efforts to make the service more social. With the current release, comments are available to non-English users also. Google now lets you import feeds from your iGoogle page to your Google reader.

Google has made improvements to the Google reader mobile interface also. You can now post notes from Mobile Version. For new users Google has focused to help them to understand how reader works with a welcome video and some tutorials. But I personally feel that Google should add much more features to make Google Reader more usable.

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