Google Adds Social Gadgets For iGoogle

Written By Sam on 13 August 2009

Many of you like me must be using iGoogle wherein you can add a lot of gadgets of your choice so that different things can be done from a single place. Today Google introduced social features to iGoogle. Google had added the social features to iGoogle homepage that will make it easier for you to enjoy your favorite web content and to share it with your friends. Now you can add social gadgets to post updates, play games with friends and do lot more more.


Social gadgets on iGoogle allows you Share and collaborate, See what your friends are doing and Play games with your friends. Google has come up with 19 social gadgets for the launch. Some of the social guides that I liked are – Scrabble, Social Photos, YouTube, GoComics and Access Hollywood. If you are a developer you can get information about how to build social gadgets for iGoogle at –

With the iGoogle social gadgets your friends will be able to see what you share or do in your social gadgets either by having the same gadgets on their homepages, or through a new feed called Updates. These updates can include your recently shared photo albums, your travel plans, your favorite comics strips etc. You can easily add and edit your friends in this group at any time. If you already have a Friends group within your Google Contacts, you’ll be able to easily share with those friends on iGoogle as well.

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