Download Skyfire 1.0 for Windows & Symbian Mobiles

Written By Sam on 29 May 2009

Today morning I downloaded the latest version of the Skyfire mobile browser. As my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is not supported by Skyfire 1.0, I installed it in my Nokia N72 mobile. The latest Skyfire 1.0 gives rich user experience while browsing the Internet on your mobile. Skyfire is the only mobile browser to support popular web standards and plug-ins like Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax, Javascript and more rich media content.

Skyfire is a full featured Mobile Browser for people who wants to experience full-featured PC versions of websites on their mobiles. Skyfire allows you to watch any video, connect with friends, listen to music, do online shopping and much more. Skyfire will display web pages as they appear on PC,and the users can even zoom in to read the text.


Skyfire 1.0 currently works on handsets with windows mobile 5 & 6, Symbian phones with S60 platform(Nokia E series and N series). Skyfire uses a proxy server to load the web pages and delivers them to your local mobile browser, which offloads much of the processing work from the phone’s CPU.

Skyfire 1.0 Features

  • Watch any video: Skyfire is the only mobile browser which supports full Flash and Windows Media videos. You can access YouTube, Hulu and many other sites.
  • Stay Connected: you can stay connected with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Updates of news sports, videos and other content is also available.
  • Share Instantly: with just one click you can share what you find on the web with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Browse any page: you can browse your favorite websites on Skyfire without any compromise, as it supports web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript and Flash 10.
  • Blazing fast: With Skyfire, the web pages load quickly.

Skyfire is the only mobile browser which works with Google’s Street View. With this latest version you can stay connected with all the news and media updates. The new Skyfire start page is pre-configured with RSS feeds from Digg, ESPN, Google News, Hulu, YouTube and Yahoo! News which gets you real-time updates. You can easily add your own feeds and websites to customize your experience. Skyfire has decided to add more social networking features, like allowing the users to upload photos and see their friends online, and is working on a full-screen playback mode for video also.

So if you are a mobile user who access websites like Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Google Docs, Gmail etc then you must try out Skyfire.

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  1. Ricky says:

    SkyFire is the best browser for symbian and windows mobile.Unfortunately it doesn’t have any j2me vesion.I hope they will think about java based os too.Thanx for sharing this.

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