Add Your Favorite Sites/Services to Google Reader With “Send to” Feature

Written By Sam on 13 August 2009

Many new features like “Send to…”, “Feeds from people you follow” and “More control for mark all as read” are added to the Google Feed Reader.


“Send To” Feature in Google Reader

With the new “Send to” feature, now it is made easier for users to share posts to Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and many more. You can enable the service by heading over to the Settings > Send To page in Google Reader. There are already some predefined services/sites like Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Twitter. You can even create your own “Send To” link using the URL template. The URL template needs a Name, URL and a Icon URL.

Variables/Substitutions that can be used

${source} – The source of the item
${title} – The title of the item
${url} – The URL of the item
${short-url} – A shortened URL that redirects to the item

Procedure to add AddToAny to Google Reader

Add the following data to the URL template.

Name: Add to Any
Icon URL:

Procedure to add Twitter Search to Google Reader


You can add Twitter search to Google Reader to see the buzz about that article or to find some related posts.

Name: Twitter Search
Icon URL:

Feeds from people you follow

Now it’s made easier to find and follow people who share similar interests, and it is possible for you to subscribe directly to the blogs, photos, or Twitter updates of anyone you are following has included on their Google profile. Click the “From people you follow” tab on the ‘Browse for Stuff’ page to subscribe quickly to these sites.

More Control for mark all as read

Sometimes users will want to see only the recent posts. The “Mark all as read” button allows you to mark the items as read if they’re older than the specified time frame.

A few small tweaks in this release are:

  • In the comment view when an item is expanded, you get full set of actions which enables you to share and star without leaving comment view.
  • “Feeds” start-page option is added for iPhone/Android/Pre mobile interface, so a list of your subscription can be seen when you sign in.
  • When embedding your shared items, an option to show notes is available on other pages as clips.

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