– Yahoo Mail Login and YahooMail Sign Up, Tips and Troubleshooting

Written By Sam on 19 September 2012

Yahoo Mail is definitely one of the very popular web email service until Gmail came out. But Yahoo had recently upgrade their Yahoo! Mail to provide the best service to their users. Yahoo Mail is now faster, safer, and easier to use and you can upgrade Yahoo Mail with just a click on ‘Upgrade Now’ button on the YahooMail page.

Yahoo! Mail was started with the traditional ‘Yahoo! Mail Classic’ and a new version was introduced in 2005 featuring Ajax interface, drag-and-drop, improved search functionality, keyboard shortcuts, address auto-complete, tabs and lot more. And to beat the competition from Gmail, Yahoo has yet again upgrade their YahooMail In October 2010 to feature a new design, improved performance, improved search functionality, and improved Facebook integration.

Yahoo Mail Sign Up –

If you are looking to signup for Yahoo Mail, you can visit the Yahoo Mail registration page to get your Yahoo email id. You also have the option to choose your favorite username @ or or To signup for Yahoo Mail you have to provide your Name, Gender, Birthday, Country, Language, Postal Code, Desired Yahoo! ID and Email, Password, Alternate Email Address and Secret Questions.

Yahoo Mail Login –

Soon after creating your Yahoo Mail, you can login to your YahooMail account by heading over to or or To login to your Yahoo Mail account, you have to provide your Yahoo! ID and Password. You can also check the “Keep me signed in” box, to stay signed in to Yahoo! on that computer for up to 2 weeks or until you sign out.

Yahoo Mail Upgrade –

The latest version of Yahoo Mail is faster, safer, and easier to use. The latest Yahoo! Mail is now up to twice as fast, emails and attachments come and go at high speed. Latest YahooMail also features better span filters that delivers only the emails you want, and blocks the ones you don’t. The latest Yahoo Mail also provides no storage limits, which means you can use your email as your personal archive. Moreover Yahoo! Mail works on any Internet-enabled device, like iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Yahoo Mail For Mobile –

Yahoo Mail can also be accessed from your favorite mobile including the iPhone, Android, Symbian and everything else. YahooMail for Mobile allows you to access all of your favorite desktop mail features: read, reply, compose, send, and more. You need to just type the URL – into your mobile browser to access Yahoo Mail Mobile.

Yahoo! ID and Yahoo Mail Password Recovery –

For any reason, if you forgot your Yahoo Mail password or if you don’t remember your Yahoo Mail id or if you can’t access your Yahoo Mail account or if your Yahoo Mail account is compromised, you can head over to to solve your Yahoo Mail account issues.

Yahoo Mail Localized Versions

Yahoo Mail has been localized to many different locations across the globe. Some of the localized versions of Yahoo Mail include –,,,,,,,,,,,,, and lot more.

Yahoo Mail Tips and Tricks

  • For email, you have to click the compose message button. A new, blank email will open in a new tab. For IM or SMS from Yahoo Mail, you need to click the down-facing arrow next to the button. From the menu, select the type of message you want to send.
  • To send attachments, click the Attach Files button in an open email. A dialog box pops up that lets you locate files on your computer. You can attach up to 50 files at a time; up to 25MBs total. For sending large files up to 100MB, click Attach Large Files in the Applications Menu on the left of your Inbox.
  • To import contacts to Yahoo Mail, click the contacts tab. On the Contacts page, select Import Contacts, then follow the instructions.
  • Chatting with friends is just one click away with Yahoo Mail. Make sure you are signed in to Yahoo! Messenger by clicking on the Flash icon next to Online Contacts on the left. Your top online contacts will appear below. You can start a conversation by clicking on an online contact.
  • An incoming email that contains photos, or a link to a photo service like Flickr, displays thumbnail images at the bottom of the message.
  • Yahoo! Mail has a gallery of themes you can use to customize the look of your Inbox. Just click Options on the upper left of your Yahoo! Mail page and select Themes from the dropdown menu. The Themes Gallery opens in a pop-up window. Click on one you like, your inbox will change to match it.

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