WhatFontIs.com – Identify The Font You Are Looking For!

Written By Sam on 7 October 2012

If you are looking for a service to help you identify the font you are looking for, then you should try out WhatFontIs.com. WhatFontIs provides a free service that helps you to identify the font that you need. With What Font Is, all you have to do is just upload an image with the font that you are looking for and WhatFontIs will identify the font for you. To get the best out of WhatFontIs you should be using the image with a lighter background color. Also we can see accurate results by using a Grayscale image with a 1000×120 pixel resolution.

WhatFontIs service will be very helpful when you are interested in identifying a font that you love to use in your projects. WhatFontIs helps you to identify both free fonts and commercial fonts that are similar to the one that you re looking for. WhatFontIs displays the first 100 fonts that match the image that you upload and it’s all up to you to choose the best font.

Tips To Get Best Of WhatFontIs

  • Make sure the text is horizontal
  • The letters in the font image must not be touching
  • The resolution for the letter must be over 80 pixels for best results
  • Background color must be lighter than the characters color
  • Maximum number of characters is 10
  • Minimum number of characters is 2
  • Grayscale images gives better results
  • Best resolution 1000×120 px

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