Syrinx – Fully Customizable Twitter Client for MAC OS X Snow Leopard

Written By Sam on 30 August 2009

If you are looking for a simple yet efficient Twitter Client for Snow Leopard then you can try out Syrinx. Syrinx is a customizable Twitter App for MAC OS X 10.5+ (Leopard) supporting searching, bookmarking and configurable colors. Syrinx is mainly built from two ideals, efficient workflow and customization.


Features of Syrinx

The Bookmark: With this feature you can easily keep track of your unread tweets. The bookmark feature indicates that you’ve read everything before it, and everything after is still unread. When new tweets arrive, they’ll be colored according the customizable bookmark color, a sound will play and the number of bookmarked tweets is badged on the dock icon.

Timeline Search: You can easily search tweets in your timeline. This is useful when you are looking for a specific tweet, or seeing if your name came up in conversation.

Twitter Search: This feature allows you to search all of Twitter. You can open a new search window, search for a term and receive a timeline of those search results.

Pause: When you feel that Twitter is interrupting you, you can put it to pause with this feature. When you put Twitter on pause, the updates will still be downloaded in the background, but Syrinx won’t display them or alert you until you Resume.

Growl Integration: You can use Growl notifications to stay caught up on your tweets without switching applications. Click a Growl notification to book that tweet, or use it to switch to Syrinx.

Twitter Rate Limits: Syrinx includes an option to dynamically adjust it’s request rate to stay under any request limits. This will help you to not run out of Twitter rate limit. Syrinx will automatically space out your remaining requests for the hour to make sure you don’t miss a tweet.

Other features include Keyboard Controls, Friends Windows, Conversations, Filters, Favorites, Customizable Font Size, URL Shortening, Retweet, Delete tweets and Customization of sound, color and other application features.

Download Syrinx 2.1.2

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