Google Follow Finder – Find “Tweeps You Might Like” and “Tweeps With Similar Followers”

Written By Sam on 15 April 2010

Google has announced a new tool called Follow Finder which analyzes public social graph information on Twitter to find people you might want to follow. It includes both following and follower lists information. All you have to do is just enter your Twitter Username and “Google Follow Finder” will give you lists on “Tweeps you might like” and “Tweeps with similar followers”.

As there are many Twitter related web apps that does the similar job, I don’t think there is something great that Google Follow Finder does. Anyways Follow Finder generates two lists based on the public social connections on Twitter (follower and following lists).

Tweeps You Might Like: The tool first analyzes the list of people you follow, finds others with similar lists and then identifies accounts you might also want to follow. If people with similar lists tend to follow accounts that aren’t in your list, Follow Finder will recommend those additional accounts to you. For example, if you follow CNN and the New York Times on Twitter, and most people who follow CNN and the New York Times also tend to follow TIME, we’ll suggest TIME as a user to follow.

Tweeps With Similar Followers: Follow Finder finds people with similar public lists of followers to yours. For example, if ten people are following you, and the same ten people are following a second user, the tool will include the second user in this list. You may already be following some of these people.

Google Follow Finder

3 Responses to “Google Follow Finder – Find “Tweeps You Might Like” and “Tweeps With Similar Followers””

  1. ha14 says:

    search made easy

  2. Siddharth says:

    yeh search made easy.. but follow is still tough.. it can be made easy i hope ..

  3. Gary says:

    While these tools are not really the most powerful tools available, the importance of these features are a sign of Google moving more and more towards a social web and striving to provide the most relevant, real-time search results for their users using social media combined with traditional search.

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