Google+ (Google Plus) Social Networking – Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Mobile, Huddle

Written By Sam on 29 June 2011

Google has finally unveiled its most awaited Google+ project ( read as Google plus). Google+ project is the Google’s revamped social networking strategy after its not-so successful Google Buzz. Will Google+ project take over the other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter is something which is rattling everyone. Whether it is a trend setter or not in social networking sites, with its impressive user interface and features Google+ project will certainly seems to win many users worldwide.

Google+ project mainly aims at sharing information and connection with people on the web more like connecting them in real world. Google+ allows users to organize their friends, colleagues, family in group of circles and share right things with right people, unlike other social networking sites which cause hassle. Grouping people into circles and sharing information to the selective people can be done through the Google+ Circles feature. Google+ project has a feature called Sparks, through which users will be enabled to view videos, read articles of their interest from the web whenever they desire. Users can also watch, read or share in over 40 languages with right circle of friends through this online sharing engine – Sparks.

Google+ project’s Hangouts feature certainly makes on-screen gatherings fun. Google+ Hangouts brings in un-planned meeting to the web. Combining casual meet up with live multi-person video, Hangouts allows users to spend time with their circles face-to-face-to-face when free says Google.

+Mobile brings in instant uploading capabilities to the Google+ project users. Using +Mobile, one can take photographs and directly upload them with much haze. +Mobile turns photography more interesting and simple. Google+ has another feature called Google Huddle, that allows users to turn different conversations into one simple group chat, making texting simpler and convenient.

Google has put across the field trail version of this Google+ project – You+. Though it might take sometime for this project to be available, you can still get acquainted with it by having a quick look at the features and joining the Google+ project. You can join it to get an invitation to use it by clicking on the Join button available in the official Google+ site. Also Starting today Google+ is available on Android Market and the mobile web, and it’s coming soon to the App Store.

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