Translate Google Docs and Share Them With Others in 42 Languages

Written By Sam on 27 August 2009

Today Google launched a new feature for Google Docs which allow you to automatically translate Google Docs documents into 42 different languages. So instead of saving the document, translating it and then sharing it with others, you can use the “Translate Document” feature in Google Docs to directly translate a document into 42 different languages.


After translating the document you can either “Replace original document with this translation” or “Copy to new document“. Google Docs Translation feature uses the Google Translation Technology. When you translate a document all the formatting and layout is preserved no matter what language it’s in. This new feature helps you more easily share information without worrying about language barriers.

If you are a developer you can use the Google Docs Translation feature when you want to share your release notes very easily in different languages. Software release notes will be made easy with this new Google Docs Translate Document feature.

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