Google Adds HotPot Service to its Google Places App, Specifically for iPhone

Written By Sam on 17 January 2011

Yelp is a business recommendation website that Google is bent on taking on with a vengeance. It has added HotPot service to its Google Places app, specifically for the iPhone.

While people will still continue using Yelp, Google’s wide database on which this service is based, is expected to steer a number of people using iPhones to using HotPot. Google leads in search engine, email platform, Adwords and Adsense, blogger and android OS but lags behind in social media space. Google tried to buy Yelp but failing to do it is taking it head on through HotPot.

Android already had HotPot incorporated. iPhone users will now be able to use it with Google Places. Online too Hotpot is integrated with Google Maps and this release for iPhone will mean a larger user base.

Google Places recommends nearby businesses based on user’s ratings and recommendations. It uses search and location tracking to do this. HotPot can be used in a web browser. Google Places works in conjunction with turn-by-turn GPS navigation app on the Android platform which is yet to arrive for the iPhone but when it does then it will pose a formidable challenge for Yelp. This app gives real time distance information relative to where you are positioned, see the location on Google Maps and you can also ask for directions or find directions. Customised searches can be saved for later use.

Iphone users can now use HotPot in the same way android users are using it in conjunction with Google Maps. It is a very satisfying feeling to be able to find the place you are looking for when on the go. Search results in HotPot are also personalized for the individual using the iPhone and the ratings previously given.

When you are visiting a place you can rate it immediately using your iPhone and HotPot, using the “rate now” button and the app will estimate your location and current place and let you post a review from your phone. Next time the user searches for some place, his preferences and tastes are “remembered” and matching results are returned. Friends’ opinions are also taken into consideration.

At present HotPot is available only in English and other language versions will follow later on.

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