Music Goes Social: Now, Linking Twitter Accounts with Ping Possible

Written By Sam on 12 November 2010

Ping by iTunes is Apple’s music social network. What happens when you club that with Twitter? You get to share with everybody your favorite music, what you’re listening to along with reviews, new discoveries, genres and previews of new releases. Yes, Apple and Twitter have come together to make this exciting prospect a possibility by integrating Ping into

Now, all your activity on Ping like song previews, music purchase and download links from the iTunes Store gets tweeted into your Twitter account. And how does this happen?

All you need to do is link your Twitter account in with your Ping. This instantly tells you who else is using Ping on your Twitter friends list. You get linked to these accounts and whenever you update your Ping with a post, a review, a preview or new download and purchases, your activity gets tweeted to all  your followers on Twitter and you get to share with them your favorite music with along preview links plus download and purchase links available on iTunes.

Similarly, when you are checking Ping updates on tweets of people you are following, clicking a link the tweet will tell you song or album info on the Twitter details panel. You too get to listen to song previews on iTunes that your friends share on their accounts.

The only thing that remains is for Facebook to get re-integrated into Ping. Until then, Ping’s integration with Twitter should come as a happy development for avid Twitter users who are also music lovers.

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