Apple Overtakes Android in U.S With Top iPhone 5 Smartphone Sales

Written By Sam on 28 November 2012

Sales of the iPhone 5 helped Apple regain its crown as the biggest smartphone vendor in the US. The report says Apple accounted for more than 48% of all smartphone sales in the region, ahead of the devices running on Google’s Android operating system, which had a 46.7% share. Apple’s growth in the US is coming at the expense of devices running every other operating system, with Android’s share falling nearly 17% year on year. The two operating systems still dominate the market, however leaving competitors scrabbling for a distant third place.

More than half of Apple’s sales continue to come from existing customers upgrading to the latest version of the device, with some 62% of iPhone 5 sales in the US coming from Apple owners. By building a larger screened iPhone 5 that’s still compatible with all prior iOS apps, Apple was able to offer a better content consumption experience on the new model. Although Apple is seeing sales grow in most major European markets, the firm is struggling in regions such as Brazil, where its sales fell. In contrast, Android’s share of sales increased by more than 30% to account for nearly 60% of the market.

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