Hasbro Unveils My3D for iPhone and iPod Touch; 3D Content Can be Downloaded from Apple Store

Written By Sam on 10 November 2010

Aiming to provide iPhone and iPod Touch users with 3D movie and gaming experience while they are on the go, Hasbro has unveiled a new 3D device called the My3D. The toy-making company has developed this stereoscopic viewer for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will make it possible to view all the content on their devices in 3D plus it gives a 360-degree gaming experience as well.

The device looks like a pair of binoculars and has a slot where the iPhone or iPod Touch can be plugged in and the 3D world goes where you go. 3D content supporting this new device can be downloaded from the Apple Store while the actual device will be available only next spring and will be put on sale at all stores where Apple iPhones and iPod Touch are available.

Hasbro claims that they received inputs from apple during the development process of the My3D and they are happy to develop a device that will only enhance the 3D experience on the iPhone and the iPod Touch as they believe them to be one of the best qualities of 3D on the market.

Considering that Apple was part of the development process, it is quite imperative that the company believes this device will be a rage among users and it is looking at sales numbers like 200 million 3D devices getting sold by the end of 2011. This is also because these sales are backed by the 125 million iPod Touch and iPhones that have already been sold, and those numbers can only be expected to increase further once the 3D device is launched.

The only issue might be the shortage of 3D content to support the device. Hasbro plans to use content from 3D networks like Discovery, Imax and Sony. The device will be sold for $30 apiece and is expected to sell like hot cakes post its launch next spring.

via MacRumors

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