Rumors of iOS 4.3 Release by January 19; Apple to Start an Electronic Journal As Well

Written By Sam on 12 January 2011

Apple released iOS 4.2, possibly in the fond hope that jailbreaks would be deterred; the bootrom exploit and changed baseband requirements were aimed at jailbreaking and unlocking difficult. However, subsequent events proved otherwise. Developers were quickly off the mark, releasing jailbreaks, close on the heels of the release.

Now, it is rumored that iOS 4.3 is on its way and is likely to be released by Apple as early as 19 January. Does this carry patches for the Limera1n bootrom exploits? And are they effective enough to block that exploit as also other possible exploits that developers may worm out of the firmware?

Coincidentally, rumors have it that Apple also plans to release ‘The Daily’, an electronic journal, specifically for iPad, with its full support in the form of recurring subscription payments for iTunes accounts; and this feature will only be available in the scheduled-for-release iOS 4.3. The Daily is a publication News Corp has been actively developing but company officials are keeping mum on this.

via MacRumors

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