[How To] Google Instant Previews

Written By Sam on 10 November 2010

Google is doing a great job by bringing in many new features to make the search experience more user friendly. Now Google has introduced “Google Instant Previews” which show you a visual preview of your search results. So instead of jumping directly to the search results you can preview the webpage with Instant Previews.

Benefits of Google Instant Previews

  • Quickly Compare Results – A visual comparison of search results helps you pick which result is right for you.
  • Pinpoint Relevant Content – Text call outs highlight where your search term appears on the web page so you can evaluate if it’s what you’re looking for.
  • Interact with the Results Page – Page previews let you see the layout of a web page before clicking the search result.

If you are interested in trying out Google Instant Previews then follow the link here – http://www.google.com/webhp?esrch=instantpreviews

Now start you search and click once on the magnifying glass in the search result to instantly see a preview of the web page. After activating Instant Previews with that one click, you can hover over any other search result to see a preview of the web page.

Google Instant Previews in Action

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