12 Google API’s to Build Better Websites and Web Apps for Rich User Experience

Written By Sam on 30 December 2009

Few days back we wrote about “25 Useful Webmaster and Developer Tools, API’s and Resources From Google Code“. Listed below are few more API’s, which will help you to develop better projects.

Google Adsense API

If you are a developer who creates content through web publishing, community creation, Blogging that generates substantial web content, then Google AdSense is for you. Google AdSense API enables you to share revenue with your users, engage your community with users, and completely integrate web content with the user experience. It is a revenue sharing solution through which you can choose how to generate revenue on user-generated pages and hence create high quality content. You can even make money by referring new users to AdSense.

Google AdWords API

Google AdWords API helps you in developing applications that directly interact with the AdWords platform. Features like automatically generating keywords, Integrate AdWords data and many additional tools of AdWords enables the advertisers and third parties to effectively manage their complex AdWords accounts in a simple way. Signing up for AdWords API is a very easy and the AdWords API SOAP supports all popular programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Perl, and Ruby providing a feasibility of developing applications in language of your choice.


Google’s AJAX APIs allows developing rich, dynamic web sites completely in JavaScript and HTML. You can implement a Interactive Code Playground or add a map to your site, Language APIs, a dynamic search box, or even download feeds using JavaScript.

Google AJAX Feed API

AJAX Feed API enables you to download from any public Atom or RSS feed by utilizing JavaScript. Thus, the feeds can be easily blended into your content and other APIs like the Google Maps API. AJAX Feed API mash up feeds using only a few lines of JavaScript, rather than dealing with complex server-side proxies

Google AJAX Language API

AJAX Language API makes translation a simple process by enabling you to translate or detect the language of text entered within a web page through Java scripting. You can also enable transliteration on any text area in your web page for more effective text translation. AJAX Language API’s transliteration phonetically converting a word written in one script into another and spells the words out at the user convenience.

Google AJAX Search API

As the name suggests, the Google AJAX Search API enables you to add Google Search Box in your web pages through Java Scripting.

Google Earth API

You can embed a 3D digital globe onto your web pages using the Google Earth plug-in and its JavaScript API. Google Earth API enables you to build 3D map applications by drawing markers, adding 3D models or loading KML files into your code.

Google Documents List Data API

You can allow the client applications to programmatically access and manipulate user data stored with Google Documents. Google Documents List Data API allows many actions that you can perform such as discovering and retrieval of documents, providing sharing permissions, creating folders or file documents, uploading documents and download the documents on the client applications.

Google Desktop API (Labs)

You can create gadgets, index plug-ins for your Google Desktop using Google Desktop APIs. It is now possible to integrate Google Desktop search into your own applications using Google Desktop API. This API mainly falls under two categories, Gadget API and Mac Dashboard. Gadget API can be used to create rich animation, sound and virtual transparent Desktop gadgets, whereas Mac Dashboard enables you to provide useful information when the computer is offline.

Google Safe Browsing API (Labs)

An experimental API from Google that helps you to check client application URLs against those blacklisted by Google. Google Safe Browsing API provides you with safe browsing without being affected by the phishing and malware-infested pages.

YouTube API and Tools

YouTube APIs and Tools of Google allow you to add YouTube’s video content into your application software. You can integrate YouTube functionality or perform searches, upload videos, create playlists, drive the player interface, build your own controls using the Data API and Player API’s respectively. Custom player feature of YouTube API enables you to configure the player to show play lists and favorites of the users. You can add Widgets into your website and see at glance the number of API requests and playbacks using Developer Dashboard.

Google Visualization API

You can now create, analyze, and display content as a visualization compliant data source on your website using Google Visualization API, which provides access to large selection of visualizations from multiple sources of data. You can either Embed visualizations directly into your website or create dashboards and reports based on your own data. Google Visualization API allows you to write, share and reuse or access data directly from the client using Javascipt with minimum changes in the code of your application.

Other Google APIs like Google Wave API, Google Friend Connect API, Google Fusion Tables API, Google Sites Data API, Picasa API, Google Sidewiki API can also be used to enhance the features of your web page. Therefore, whilst building your web pages try to integrate Google API to develop better application software.

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