25 Useful Webmaster and Developer Tools, API’s and Resources From Google Code

Written By Sam on 24 December 2009

Google Code is Google’s site which is very useful for developers who try to build Apps for the web. Google Code has got many developer tools, APIs and technical resources to help the developers build their web apps easily. There are for Google’s popular products like Google Maps, YouTube, Google Apps and even Google Wave.

25 Useful Webmaster and Developer Tools, API's and Resources From Google Code

Google provides free interfaces which queries its huge database to help programmers develop better applications, called “The Google API“. API stands for ‘Application Programmable Interface’, which features many Web services, scripts, and programs that will enable application developers to find and access information on the Web in a simple and effectively manner.

Listed below are the popular and most widely used APIs from Google.

Google Account Authentication API

Google Account API provides a confined access to the user’s google account by the third-party applications. It allows data exchange in an authenticated mechanism between the users, third-party applications and Google services and enables users to log on to third-party application through Google services. Google Account API features protocols called OAuth and OpenID to access and authenticate user data. With not many differences in the user experience, the Google Account API is usable for both regular as well as hosted Google accounts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics API provides information of the traffic on your website. It is a free API from Google which enables you to track number of visitors, most popularly visited pages and the popular ads which attract them. Google Analytics API is a full featured yet simple administrative interface, which allows customization of data according to your business requirements.

Google Projects for Android

Google provides Android SDK featuring tools and APIs necessary for programmers to develop applications for Android-based handsets. It also contains detailed information related to the Google projects based on Android platform along with access to external Google libraries of Android platform like Maps, Android applications, hosted services and APIs, and the Android Developer Contest.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine allows you to run applications on Google’s infrastructure offering a complete development stack runs on well-known technologies enabling you to build and host web applications in a simple process. Google AppEngine recently added its support to the Java run time by revealing its support for Java. This Java run time is available free for everyone and provides with many features including integration with Google Web Toolkit, a Plug in for Eclipse and AJAX web applications.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout API increases potential for your sales by adding Google Checkout badge to your Adwords ads. It enables users from worldwide to shop online using their credit or debit cards and the Google Checkouts payment guarantees 98% protection from the illegal transactions and hoaxes in the web.

Chromium and Google Chrome Frame

Chromium is an open-source browser project to create powerful platform in order to developing a safe, fast and stable web browser. Google Chrome Frame is a open source plug-in which brings open web technologies of Google Chrome’s and V8 to Internet Explorer which enables you to using open web technologies – like HTML5 and make utilization of the JavaScript performance improvements.

Closure Tools (Labs)

Google’s Closure tools enable programmers to build powerful and effective web applications using JavaScript. It features a JavaScript optimizer, a comprehensive JavaScript library, and an easy templating system for both Java as well as JavaScript. These features enable you to simplify the task of dynamically generating HTML, develop high-performance code and easily make server communication, animation, data structures, unit testing, rich-text editing, and more.

Google Data Protocol

Google Data Protocol provides you an ability to read, write, and modify information on the web. The protocol currently supports two primary modes of access called AtomPub and JSON. AtomPub is used to represent data and HTTP to handle communication whereas JSON mirrors the Atom representation.

Google Plugin for Eclipse

If you are keen to develop applications using Google Web Toolkit and App Engine, then Google Plugin for Eclipse makes your task much simpler. It lets you to install the plug-in to deploy an Ajax “Hello world” and in less than a minute, you can create your first web application.

Gears API (Labs)

Gears API is an another open source project from Google, which enables you to develop powerful web applications, by adding including more enhanced features to your web browsers. Gear module consists of a Local Server, Database, and a Worker Pool. The latest version of Gears API is Gears0.5, which adds an updated version embedded SQLite engine, a Geo location API along with many new methods to LocalServer.

iGoogle Developer Home (Labs)

iGoogle is Google’s personalized homepage using which enables you to customize tools and information as per your requirements on the dashboard. You can also use iGoogle Developer Home gadget to manage gadgets on your dashboard or browse through different gadgets developed by others. iGoogle also supports canvas view and OpenSocial, a common set of APIs, HTML, and JavaScript which enables you to develop social applications.

KML and Google Mapplets

KML is a file format, maintained by OGC. It provides geographic information to the users of Earth browsers like Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. KML users include causal users, students, Educators, scientists and many others as well. Google Mapplets API are mini-application based on Google-Maps. Unlike the traditional Maps API, used to create maps on other websites, Mapplets run on Google Maps, which provides exposure to millions of Google Maps available along with an ability to control them


OpenSocial API from Google enables you to create applications, which are accessible through multiple websites. It defines a common API with standard Javascript and HTML using which the developers can build social network based applications and updates the feeds. Few websites that support OpenSocial are hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, Netlog, Ning, Orkut, and Yahoo.

Orkut Developer Home

Orkut Developer Home enables the programmers to build social applications, which will connect people around the world. Orkut API is purely based on OpenSocial of Google.

Project Hosting on Google Code

Project Hosting on Google Code is a open source hosting service from Google which is fast and reliable and very easy to use. It provides you with many features including instant project creation, Support for Subversion code hosting and downloads hosting with 1GB and 2 GB storage space respectively, Issue tracker and update streams.


PubSubHubbub is a server-to-server subscribes/ publishes protocol, which easily turns existing Atom and RSS feeds into real-time streams. This protocol is free and anyone can run a hub or publish/subscribe using open hubs. Google Alerts, FeedBurner, Blogger, and Google Reader are few popular applications, which have adopted PubSubHubbub.

Google Secure Data Connector (SDC)

The Google SDC API enables you to develop customizable applications so that the users can request access to the database through the web. Using Secure Data Connector API, one can access corporate data behind the firewall data sources in the browser, control, restrict the internal services by providing authentication, and build customizable applications for their business needs.

Google Talk for Developers

Built on open-source protocols like XMPP and Jingle, Google Talk API is a very popular IM service provided by Google through, which you can connect, your own client applications into the Google Talk service, or you can federate your service with ours.

Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements enables you to customize your dashboard by easily adding your favorite Google products on to it. There are many web elements available free from Google, some of the API’s are Calender, CustomSearch, Orkut, Maps, Spreadsheets, Presentations, News and the list goes on.

Google Web Toolkit & Google Transit Feed Specification

An open-source web development toolkit from Google, the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) can be utilized to build and optimize complex web-based applications. Many products of Google like Google Wave and Google AdWords use GWT. It comes free and most popularly used around the world. The Google Transit Feed Specification is a feed transit, which employees a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.The GTFS can be utilized to provide schedules and geographic information to Google Maps and other Google applications that show transit information.

V8 JavaScript Engine

An open source JavaScript engine of Google, “V8” is widely used in Google Chrome, the fastest web-browser ever. Running on Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X 10.5, V8 implements ECMAScript. V8 either can run standalone or be embedded into any C++ application.

If you are developer and had used any of the above API’s or Resources or Tools, then do let us know about your experiences.

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