URL Shortening Services From Google and Facebook – Tough Competition for Small Players Like bit.ly

Written By Sam on 16 December 2009

Getting annoyed to share long URL’s in microblogging services, then here’s a good news for you, the latest versions of GoogleToolBar and FeedBurner will now provide URL shortening services(http://goo.gl) along with many other features they offer. URL shortener squeeze and turn a long URL into a smaller one, which makes it more feasible to share, post and email links and access the traffic analytics of the links being used.

URL Shortening Services From Google and Facebook Will be a Tough Competetion for Small Players Like bit.ly

Currently available only for Google ToolBar and FeedBurner, The Google URL Shorterner is not a stand-alone service and certainly not designed for a broader consumer use as of now. However, Google assures that its shorterner will be stable and will offer multiple benefits to the users including efficient up time, reliable services, highly security and provides protection from malicious URL’s and at great speed along with convenience of sharing URL’s. Google may eventually provide services to third-party developers through an API in order to extend its reach in a broader aspect.

Even Facebook, the most popular social networking website has enabled URL shortening service in its latest update. Though Facebook’s URL shorterner “fb.me” is being effectively used by many in its mobile interface, it is still unclear whether it will be twined up for the entire platform. The company would probably set “fb.me” as default link truncator for any publicly content shared by the users in Facebook and it is expected that the URL shortener will provide analytics around the page content, so that the owners can track the web-wide sharing and create their own URL’s in Facebook. Using the Facebook’s fb.me service enables you to shorten any link on the site as well as trim down the path to a specific profile page (http://fb.me/MyAlbums).

These built-in URL shorterners of Facebook, world’s largest social networking site, and Google will certainly be a threat to the most widely used URL shortener “bit.ly“, a default service on Twitter.

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  1. Rahul says:

    I heard a lot of buzz related to goo.gl interesting to know about face book url shortening service.

  2. Pallab says:

    Google is well on its way to take over the web. Gee! They are launching couple of dozen new services every month.

  3. rakesh says:

    The Google is full of surprises. It always produced awesomeness services every month. thanks for lovely info

  4. nitin says:

    Google is well on its way to take over the web

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