Access, Publish & Modify Content Within a Google Site Using Google Sites Data API

Written By Sam on 25 September 2009

The new Google Sites Data API allows your client applications to access, publish and modify the content that is present in your Google Site. Google Sites is a powerful collaborative content creation tool. Using Google Sites you can easily access information from other Google applications like Google Docs, Google Calendar, YouTube, Picasa and do lot more. The API is available to both Google Account and Google Apps users.


Things you can do with Google Sites Data API

  • Easily retrieve, create, modify, move and delete pages, comments, attachments and other content.
  • Upload and Download attachments.
  • Review the revision history across a site and display recent user activity.
  • Monitor all add, modify, and delete activity for a site.
  • Create customized gadgets for your users.

Google Sites Data API

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