Google Launches New Website for Google Earth With Tours, Images, Videos and Tutorials

Written By Sam on 11 September 2010

Google has launched a new website for Google Earth containing Image Galleries, Videos, Tours, Maps, Tutorials and Showcases on how to get started with Google Earth. Moreover Google Earth 5.2 has come out of beta and is now available for download.

The ‘Showcase’ section invites users take a tour of Google Earth and ‘see all the places you can go’. It contains featured content about the Ocean, Moon and 3D buildings. The video tutorials are aimed at helping users to learn to create placemarks, record a tour, add a 3D building, or import GPS data.

The website contains information on the mobile version of the mapping application available on devices that include Nexus One, Droid, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It also touts the 3D map feature for your browser. The site also encourages Google Earth enthusiasts to stay updated with the latest through newsletters, blogs and Twitter feeds. It has created unique pages to cater to the different needs of educators, media, developers, businesses, non-profits and data providers.

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