Google Nexus Two Manufactured by Motorola? Similar to Droid/Milestone??

Written By Sam on 17 January 2010

Recently Google has announced about their Nexus One, a Superphone which runs on Android. In the conference Google has announced that Nexus One is the first mobile in the series and there are many more to come. And now there is a hot news about Google Nexus Two(?). The guys over at Mobile01 have put up some images on the site saying that the mobile is “Motorola Shadow” which would be released by Google as “Nexus Two“. Even the first Mobile in Nexus series “Nexus One” is made by HTC and not Google. So there may be a possibility that the new mobile from Motorola would turn up as “Nexus Two“.

Google Nexus Two Manufactured by Motorola Similar to Droid-Milestone

Motorola Shadow” looks similar to the Motorola Droid and has got a physical sliding keyboard as opposed to the virtual keyboard in Nexus One. The rumors are that the Motorola Shadow aka Nexus Two will have a 4.3″ display supporting a resolution of 800×484 pixels with a thin white outer shell. Most of the specifications would probably be same as the Droid/Milestone. But at this point of time we couldn’t strongly believe in anything unless we hear something solid from a very reliable source.

Coming to the Google Nexus One, it isn’t doing well until now as a iPhone Killer(?) even after pricing at $529 for Unlocked Version and $179 with T-Mobile contract. There may be chances that Google would collaborate with Motorola along with HTC to get more Nexus series mobiles in to the market. My personal thought is “Instead of working on several models to kill iPhone, just concentrate on one “SuperPhone” to beat iPhone.

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