BestBuy Website Suggests Nexus S Headed for the US market; Likely to Launch via T-Mobile Soon

Written By Sam on 12 November 2010

A tiny update on the BestBuy website has sent waves through the mobile phone market about the impending release of the Nexus S. Rumors have been doing the rounds for quite some time about the release of the Google and Samsung collaborated smartphone, Nexus S, which was supposed to be a one-up on the Nexus One handset. However, there has been no news on the subject from either Google, or Samsung, who is expected to manufacture the device. But it has still been an established belief that the Nexus S in fact does exist and will be releasing sometime soon in the future.

The advertisement published on the BestBuy website was the giveaway, as it conveyed that the ‘pure Google’ experience would be available on T-Mobile only on BestBuy this holiday season. It sprouted speculation that though it offers a pure Google experience, the device itself will be manufactured by Samsung, which explains the ‘S’ in Nexus S.

Again, since no confirmation has come from the developers/manufacturers, there is only the retailer’s word to go by. But considering the fact that retailers get access to information early, there might still be some validity there.

The ad on BestBuy’s website even had a ‘pre-order’ link for the Nexus S. But all info on the subject has presently been pulled down from the site. Some rumors even expect the smartphone to be the first Android-based phone to run on Google’s Gingerbread OS version. But all is speculation until an official announcement is made to clear the air. Until then, we can only hope to see some light shed on the cursory appearance of an imminent release of the device on a major retailer’s website.

It is believed the new device will be made available for purchase through T-Mobile.

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