Get a Quick Glance Of all the Recently Visited Sites With New Tab King for Firefox

Written By Sam on 12 June 2009

Are you bored of getting a blank page or the dull old homepage everytime you open a new tab in your Firefox? Here is a simple Firefox Add-on, New Tab King, which provides you with the most visited websites of the past 30 days. New Tab King is a Firefox add-on which is available when you open a new tab in the browser. New Tab King displays the website’s icon with a description text. The best thing I liked is the “Boss mode” which automatically switches to a pre-defined display which includes sites like Harvard Business Publishing, Wall Street Journal, NASA and the BBC ticker.


New Tab King, on the new tab shows you the most used websites and recently closed tabs which is very similar to Google Chrome’s new tab page, but New Tab King displays them in a list. Google search box is right at the tip of your fingers. You can even delete a site from the list by clicking on ‘x’ button at the right of the site’s name. you can save your search in your history or cache.

Features of New Tab King

  • Install New Tab King and open a new tab ( ctrl + t ) and it displays you a list of the commonly used Web site’s.
  • New Tab King helps you to see the site which you have often visited under a sub-page.
  • You can choose to list the top websites that you have visited during different times of the day.
  • For the website you have commonly used, you can see the percentage of use of this site.
  • At the lower left of the list, you can see stats about all the visited sites or only the bookmarked sites.
  • New Tab King also helps you to open a most commonly used tools like Notepad, My documents folder, Calculator and many more.
  • On the left toolbar, it displays the recently closed 10 pages from where you can open them very easily if needed again.
  • You can replace the background picture of the New Tab King with the one you like.

The New Tab King extension for Firefox allows you to see all the websites you have visited on a single window. This add-on could definitely become a favorite over time. So if you want to replace your new tab screen then download New Tab King for free. New Tab King works for Firefox in Windows only.

Download New Tab King extension for Firefox

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