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Written By Sam on 18 July 2009

Though there are many legal discussions going on related to BitTorrent’s, many new services are coming on the Internet to help people download files easily from torrent sites. Now will help you to add torrent download links to is a useful service which will help you to discover new music and share your interests with the other users. just provides you a short preview of the music and if you are interested in downloading the music you need to pay for that. But you can however search for the song details on a Torrent site and download it; It’s a painful task.


PWN helps you by adding BitTorrent download links to website. PWN is offering a Firefox’s Greasemonkey script which adds BitTorrent search results to every artist page on The PWN script fetches the results by using isoHunt’s publicly available API. After using PWN script’s Torrented Artists Pages looks like as if they are present already. So if you are music buff download the’s Greasemonkey script to find your favorite music on BitTorrent sites with much ease staying on the artist page.

For Firefox

1. Install Greasemonkey
2. Click on pwnlastfm.user.js

For Opera

1. Open “Tools → Preferences → Advanced → Content → JavaScript options”, and select the directory where you will save your userscripts
2. Save pwnlastfm.js, a-lib-xmlhttp-cd.js, and a-lib-stacktrace.js into that directory

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  1. Actually it is much safer to download music through limewire or frostwire cause it allows you to play anytime the music that you want.

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