Create and Share Your favorite Firefox Add-ons With Mozilla Add-on Collections

Written By Sam on 11 June 2009

Mozilla add-ons team has introduced Add-on Collections. You must be wondering what these Add-on Collections are? Well, Add-on Collections for Firefox are groups of related add-ons assembled for easy sharing. Add-on Collections helps you to create your own collection of add-ons for Firefox which can be further shared with friends, posted on blogs and on the Firefox add-ons Website. Probably after seeing thousands of “list posts” on firefox add-ons, mozilla must have come up with this idea.


Firefox Add-on Collections include Firefox themes, Social Circuit, Reference Desk, Web Developer’s Toolbox, language packs and many more. When you create your own collections, you can name them and you can even get a unique URL for them and then it can be shared. A number of Mozilla-created collections are featured on the site.


One of the first collection to be posted at the Add-ons was a set of 8 add-ons designed to complement firebug. Collections is a very good way to discover extensions which could be useful. You can install the entire collections of Extensions or you can even choose them individually. You can also subscribe to a collection via RSS, or you can install the Add-on Collector extension for Firefox. The Collector turns your favorite collections into subscriptions and you will be notified as soon as new add-ons are published to one of your collections. So visit the Collections Directory to find more information.

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  1. I thought last time I downloaded firebug from this site only

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