Complete iPad 2 Rumors – Retina Display, 7″ iPad, Dual-SIM Support, Dual Core CPU, Front and Back Camera

Written By Sam on 2 March 2011

Apple’s iPad 2, the most hyped, discussed and rumored iDevice will soon be out in the market. Will all the speculations about iPad 2 turn true is something that is tickling everyone right now. Let’s quickly round up all the iPad 2 rumors till date and see how many will actual reliable.

There were many discussions about the screen of Apple iPad 2, specially after the release of Retina displayed iPhone 4. Every one assumed that the screen will be an enticing array of pixels, however this assumption might not work out as the screen looks pretty much as the original iPad. Rumor about a thinner and smaller form-factored tablet might seem less possible as bringing in a 7-inch model into the market ruled by 10.1-inch tablets might not be a clever move.

We had rumors about the Dual SIM support of iPad 2, and information from Qualcomm that the tablet will implement GSM/CDMA chipset that would support both AT&T and Verizon simultaneously. However digging deep into iOS 4.3 beta code, identifies a bunch of new iPad models ( iPad2,1, iPad2,2, iPad2,3 ) that refer to next-gen Wi-Fi only, GSM and CDMA iPad 2 models respectively. Speculations also indicated existence of two cameras – a front and rare, this is probably true.

We also had hearsay about button-less design, Dual core CPU and SGX543 GPU as well. Even before iPad 2 was official, we could hear talks about iPad 3 and rumors of it being launched in September 2011. Apple’s iPad 2 will soon be available in markets, so let’s wait and see, how well these rumors turn out!

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