Apple May Launch Thinner iPad With Camera and Mini USB; 7″ iPad and 9.7″ iPad Version Coming Soon!

Written By Sam on 28 September 2010

The rumor buzz seems stuck on a 7-inch iPad model. Only last week there were rumors that indicated a 7-inch iPad is already a “finished product” and it is merely a matter of time before it is released. Now, we have reports of Goldman Sachs analysts revealing that the new iPad (if there is one) will come with a camera, mini USB and will be a lighter design. Well, somehow these rumors have begun to bore because while Apple watchers have been hogging on, and doling out, rumors, Blackberry-maker RIM has actually gone ahead and unveiled its own 7-inch PlayBook.

The RIM tablet features a 7-inch display and measures less than half-an-inch thick and weighs under a pound; and is obviously generating more interest because it is being seen as RIM’s answer to the iPad. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs maintains that Apple may introduce its second-generation iPad in the second quarter of 2011; and the 7-inch version will be launched only after a thinner and lighter 9.7-inch iPad hits the shelves first. And the 9.7-inch iPad will come with an embedded camera and mini USB, if the grapevine is to be believed.

With big brands and even lesser-known ones jumping into the 7-inch tablet fray, there’s no denying, Apple’s 7-inch version will be interesting to watch. But till the company announces it, we will have to make do with speculation and continue to bear the spate of rumors. Do we have a choice?

via Apple Insider

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