Apple iPad 2 Already in Production; FaceTime App for iPad 2 Leaked

Written By Sam on 9 February 2011

All the Apple buffs can rejoice, as Apple has already started manufacturing the new version of its revolutionary iPad tablet, which is expected to hit the markets soon. iPad 2 will possess remarkable features and embrace a thinner and lighter interface than the first model says sources.

Rumors indicate that the iPad 2 will feature a LCD screen manufactured in China that might have a better quality. Incorporating screen resolution identical to the iPad, this new tablet is expected to feature at least one camera in the front and capable of handle features like video conferencing. iPad 2 will initially be available with popular carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T and might probably support both CDMA and GSM networks as well.

Even before the tablet is available, applications are already being framed and recently, a file of FaceTime App for iOS 4.3 beta SDK for iPad 2 leaked, which the geeks confirmed were working properly with few missing features on the Apple’s original iPad. And there are many more to come too for Apple’s new version of iPad tablet. Though we are still unsure about the technical specifications of iPad 2, we expect it to be huge hit following the grandeur of the first device.

via WSJ

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  1. The iPad 2 may be in production but that does not mean it will produce something that we will consider “magic” or something that will “change everything” again when compared to these other tablets on the market.

    Here are 3 things that the iPad will need to kill its Android’s Honeycomb platform:

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