New Developments from Apple: Redesigned iPhone 5, iPad With SD Card Slot, Apple TV With 1080p Support

Written By Sam on 17 January 2011

As usual it is information from ‘reliable sources’ that claim Apple plans to release upgraded products. Notable developments are expected in the iPad2, the Apple TV and iPhone 5.

iPad 2

Rumors of the release of iPad 2 have been in circulation since some time. There are no definite indications of the precise time when it will be released. It is also likely that the final release version will look quite different from the models and mockups one has come across, when it is released this April. It is likely to be slimmer and sleeker with a very high screen resolution and improved technology which will incorporate something close to Retina Display as found on the iPhone4.

The size will probably be 10 inches and it is likely to sport front and rear cameras. Though USB is likely to be missing there will be a dedicated SD slot in built into the device. It will also have a dual GSM/CDMA chipset from Qualcomm. The same model can therefore be offered simultaneously on AT&T and Verizon networks.

iPhone 5

This is expected to see a total redesign. It is undergoing extended tests at Apple according to informed sources. The iPhone 5 is likely to have the new A5 CPU, a Qualcomm chipset with GSM/CDMA/UMTS support but without LTE support.

Apple TV

Information on this device is rather sketchy and there are indications it will have the new A5 processor with a full 1080 p video. The new processor makes operation blazing fast and eases video operation.

One wonders what people will be doing with their old Apple devices two years down the line.

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