Samsung Galaxy Pocket – The Portable Smartphone

Written By Sam on 3 July 2012

One of the newest handset offerings from Samsung, the Galaxy Pocket, is an ideal choice for consumers who are looking for a budget priced, portable smartphone. Not everyone wants a big smartphone nowadays. There are so many models available on the current markets that are increasing the size of the screen and overall size of the phone so that they can provide more functionality and features on the handset. Although these are great gadgets for a wide range of reasons, there are very few options available for people who simply want a smaller, pocket sized, more portable phone. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is one of the most basic Android phones on the market, allowing more people to experience the smartphone phenomenon and enjoy the benefits of the Android system. It will be interesting to see how the compact size has affected the range and quality of different features that are offered with the handset.

The reduced size does mean that the display does not quite reach the same standards that the larger phones have; the 2.8 inch LCD TFT touch screen has a 240 x 320 QVGA pixel resolution and the phone comes with an 832MHz single core processor. The Galaxy Pocket is made out of plastic and weighs in at a mere 97g making it an incredibly light option. At 12 mm wide thick, 103mm long and 57mm wide it is not the thinnest but is certainly one of the smallest smartphone on offer. There is a basic fixed focus 2 megapixel camera on the back and it contains a 1,200mAh battery under the back cover. You will also find features such as a 3.6 Mbps 3G radio, A-GPS, Wi-Fi capabilities and 3 GB of memory storage with an integrated Micro-SD card slot offering the opportunity to increase the memory with a further 32GB of storage.

In terms of software, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket utilises the Gingerbread version of the Android operating system with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. This is then enhanced with some of the usual suspects such as various Google apps, and more Samsung specific services such as Kies, SocialHub and Samsung’s ChatON service.

Although these are less than average specs for 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket delivers impressive performance and, for many people, missing out on some of the high end features is an advantageous compromise for having such a manageable handset. Samsung have added breadth to the choice of smartphones on the market and as brought out innovative new option for those of us on a budget, a very necessary focus for many people at the moment. This new device offers decent features and excellent functionality for the more economical minded smartphone users all over the world. In a similar way to the Samsung Galaxy 578, this new device provides inexpensive functionality all contained within a visually pleasing, practical and classy case.

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