iPhone 5 Video

Written By Sam on 3 September 2012

Here is a great news for all the iPhone lovers who are looking for the release of iPhone 5 – Below is a video which shows the completely assembled iPhone 5. Earlier to this iPhone 5 video, we had seen many iPhone 5 images that are leaked over the Internet that showcased the iPhone 5 Design, iPhone 5 Display, iPhone 5 Logic Board, iPhone 5 Battery, iPhone 5 Processor, iPhone 5 Font and Back Panels etc.

For those looking for the iPhone 5 videos, GSM Israel has showcased us the iPhone 5 that they found at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The iPhone 5 video looks very much similar to the earlier front and back panel leaked images.

One Response to “iPhone 5 Video”

  1. Christer says:

    Anyone who believes this is the real iPhone 5 better reconsider. It’s so fake. Take a closer look at the back Apple logo reflection. I don’t think Apple would ever use aluminum foil in their design.

    No wonder the video is so shaky and hasty – a cheap way of covering up all the bad work.

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