DNS Changer Details, Help, Check, FAQ and Fix

Written By Sam on 7 July 2012

For those unknown, DNSChanger is a malware that changes an infected computer’s DNS settings to point to rogue servers. So, after you are infected with DNS Changer, it redirects your legitimate web surfing to malicious web sites. DNS Changer Malware modifies your DNS Server details and the newly added malicious DNS servers would give fake, malicious answers, altering user searches, and promoting fake and dangerous products. The Internet Systems Consortium is operating replacement DNS servers for the DNS Changer Malware and this will allow affected networks time to identify infected hosts, and avoid sudden disruption of services to victim machines. So if your computer is affected with DNS Changer Malware, after July 9th you may not be able to connect to the Internet.

How To Detect DNS Changer?

An industry wide team has developed easy “are you infected” web sites. They are a quick way to determine if you are infected with DNS Changer. Each site is designed for any normal computer user to browse to a link, follow the instructions, and see if they might be infected. Each site has instructions in their local languages on the next steps to clean up possible infections.

For example, the http://www.dns-ok.us/ will state if you are or are not infected (see below). If you think your computer is infected with DNS Changer or any other malware, you can refer to http://www.dcwg.org/fix.

No Software is Downloaded! The tools do not need to to load any software on your computer to perform the check.
No changes are performed on your computer! Nothing is changed on your computer when you use sites like http://www.dns-ok.us/.
No scanning! The “are you infected with DNS Changer” tool does not need to scan your computer.

Sites To Check For DNS Changer On Your Computer


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