www.Gmail.com – Gmail Tips, Tricks and Help

Written By Sam on 10 September 2012

Gmail is the most used web mail service across the globe. Its just the simplicity of Gmail and the widely available features that makes it stand on the top of the list. Top reasons to use Gmail include Less spam, Lots of space, Search, Priority Inbox, Free Mail, Mobile Access, Gmail Chat, Security, Call Phones and lot more. If you have already signed up for Gmail, then you can use some of the tips and tricks that are mentioned below to get the most out of Gmail.

www.Gmail.com – Gmail Tips, Tricks and Help

  • In Gmail, you can use stars to easily mark your important mails or indicate that you need to reply to them later. To star a message from your Inbox, just click the star icon next to the sender’s name. You can also add a star when reading a message by clicking the icon on the right above the message. Moreover you can even try Superstars in Settings for more star options.
  • At Gmail.com, you can easily customize the display density of Gmail. Users have the option to choose how many messages are on the screen at a time by selecting from three different display densities: Comfortable, Cozy and Compact. All you need to do is click on the gear icon and then choose a density.
  • If you are new to Gmail, you can import your mail and contacts from other email providers, including Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL and many more from the “Accounts and Import” tab under Gmail Settings. You can even choose to have your messages forwarded from your other account for 30 days.
  • Without sorting your email or trying to apply numerous filters, at Gmail.com you can enter keywords in the Gmail search box to find the exact message you’re looking for. If you are having trouble finding the result you want, you can refine your query by clicking the small arrow in the search box, and entering your criteria in the appropriate fields or use our advanced operators.
  • With Gmail, you can directly chat with your friends over at www.Gmail.com without going to a new webpage. Along with your mail, you can chat with your friends on the same page while reading your Gmail. Gmail provides instant voice and video chat with your friends, but you have to download the voice and video chat plug-in, quit all open browser windows, and install the plug-in.
  • Gmail labels provides you an easy and efficient way to organize your mails. Labels do all the work that folders do and you can also add more than one label to your email messages. You can even add a sub-label beneath a label to create a hierarchy.
  • Gmail features “Move to” button at the top of your inbox to easily move a message out of your inbox and add a label at the same time. If you have lots of labels, you can pick the one you want by typing the first couple characters and let auto-complete find the right one.
  • Though you get tons of free storage at www.Gmail.com, you can archive your messages to tidy up your inbox without deleting anything. While messages in your trash get deleted after 30 days, archived messages are kept forever. Archiving messages moves them out of your inbox and into “All Mail” for safekeeping, so you can search for them later.
  • With Gmail, you can create your own personalized inbox with the tons of Gmail Themes that are available for free. At Gmail.com, users have got the option to choose from over 30 options to personalize your inbox. Go to the Themes tab under Settings and pick from nature themes, themes that change with the weather, and many more.
  • Gmail features tasks, which can be used as a handy to-do list. With Tasks all you have to do is, just click and type to add new tasks, set due dates or add notes, and check them off as you’re done. Moreover Gmail Tasks can be accessed from your Mobile also.
  • One of the very handy feature that is provided for Gmail users is the mail filters which can be used to control the flow of incoming mail. Users can set up filters to automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward certain types of incoming messages. You can create a filter based on any message – just choose “Filter messages like this” from the “More” drop-down menu to get started.
  • Users can directly access Gmail by heading to www.Gmail.com from their mobile or install the Gmail app for iPhone or Android to read and send emails on the go. Just type m.google.com/mail into your phone’s browser to get started.
  • Gmail has tons of emoticons like the smiley faces, food icons, broken hearts, and more that you can use in your messages and chats. To add an emoticon, just click the smiley face “Insert Emoticon” button on the toolbar and select the image you want.
  • Gmail’s vacation responder helps you to set up a custom response that will be automatically sent to anyone who emails you while you’re away. This feature will be very helpful for business people and many others without having to explicitly send a message to everyone before going to a vacation or while on a vacation.
  • One of the very cool feature of Gmail is the ability to preview attachments directly at www.Gmail.com without downloading them. You can easily preview an attached document instead of downloading and opening it in a separate program. Just click the “View” link to open a preview in a new window. Gmail preview works with the following file types: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .sxw, .sxc, .sxi, .sdw, .sdc, .sdd and .wml.
  • With Gmail, users have got an option to customize their mailbox by choosing an inbox style. You can try out all of the new inbox styles to see what fits you best. You can always switch back if you change your mind. Priority Inbox, for example, automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters. You can change your inbox type in the “Inbox” tab under Gmail Settings.
  • Whenever you get an email from someone in your circles, you can see the things they’ve recently shared with you on Google+, recent emails from them and more. If they’re not in your circles yet, it’s easy to add them straight from Gmail.
  • One of the very essential feature that I liked in Gmail is the ability to remotely logout from remote sessions. If you sign into Gmail from multiple computers, but are worried you may have forgotten to sign out of one, you can sign out remotely. At the bottom of your inbox, you’ll see information about the time and location of the last activity on your account. Just, click “Details” to see whether your account is still open in another location and “Sign out all other sessions” to close other open sessions.
  • One very useful feature is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts at Gmail.com. Just enable keyboard shortcuts in Settings and use “j” and “k” to navigate up and down within your inbox, “o” to open messages, “r” to reply, “c” to compose, “s” to add or remove a star, “e” to archive, and more. Hit “?” at any time to see the reference guide with a full list of keyboard shortcuts.
  • With Gmail, you can directly send SMS or call your friends directly from www.Gmail.com. The calls and SMS rates at Gmail are pretty low when compared with many other providers and the best thing is that you can do all these without leaving Gmail.com.

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