5 Tips For a More Organized Gmail Inbox With Priority Inbox

Written By Sam on 12 September 2010

Gmail recently launched its Priority Inbox aimed at de-cluttering your inboxes by organising your mail on the basis of priority and putting your most important e-mail at the top. The official blog has now recommended five ways in which Priority Inbox can help you systematise your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Priority Inbox Tips

  1. Customize Sections: The Priority Inbox tab under Settings allows you to customise your sections. You can also do it from inline menus. While by default, Priority Inbox has three sections: ‘Important and Unread’, ‘Starred’ and ‘Everything Else,’ you can see make a section show messages from a particular label (like ‘Action’ or ‘To-do’ label). In addition, you can add a fourth section, or change the maximum size of any section.
  2. Train the System: If Gmail puts a mail in the wrong category you can select the misclassified message and mark it in accordance to its importance. This will enable Gmail to learn to categorise your messages better. Keyboard shortcuts (‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys) can also be used to make these adjustments.
  3. See the best of your filtered messages: The Priority Inbox can be customised to show you not only the best of your inbox, but also see important messages that you may have filtered out of your inbox. For this you need to change the Priority Inbox settings to ‘Override filters’ and Gmail will display any important messages that would otherwise skip your inbox.
  4. Use filters to specify ‘important’ and ‘not important’ mail: If messages from a particular reader is often read and replied to, Gmail automatically directs all messages from that user to the ‘Important and unread’ section. However, you may also select the ‘Always mark as important’ option to put messages from such a user on a higher priority. Similarly, even certain messages, like subscriptions for instance, that are read everyday can be put in the ‘Everything Else’ section.
  5. Archive unimportant messages: Priority Inbox allows users to archive all the visible messages in the ‘Everything Else’ section at once. A click on the down arrow next to ‘Everything Else’ and selecting the ‘Archive all visible items’ option will do the trick. The number of messages you wish to archive at a go can be increased.

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