CDMA iPhone 4 Likely to Enter India and China Very Soon! Before iPhone 5?

Written By Sam on 16 January 2011

If that latest forecast from Morgan Stanley’s analyst Katy Huberty is anything to go by, Apple will sell 72 million iPhones this year. Wall Street analysts, however, expect around 60-65 million of these handsets to be actually sold in the current calendar year.

Katy’s analysis says the launch of the iPhone on the largest network in the US is expected to increase the count by at least 7-8 million new iPhone users, while she expects that overall there will be “10-11 million incremental shipments, including those who switch to Verizon”.

She further noted: “If near-term demand from Verizon customers isn’t noticeably impacted by the expected iPhone 5 launch in mid-2011, we expect our iPhone estimates to move higher over the next three months”.

With the iPhone now with CDMA support, it may only be a matter of time before the handset is offered on other carriers as well, including T-Mobile and Sprint in the US. Then again CDMA carrier announcements are expected is association with Apple from China Telecom and Reliance in India in the near future.

There are already reports of China Telecom being in negotiation with Apple. Reliance as well as Tata Teleservices, two rival Indian CDMA carriers, are also understood to have been in discussion with Apple over the latter’s CDMA-enabled iPhone.

The Morgan Stanley report also lists future CDMA carriers for iPhone. No, it does not include China Mobile, one of the largest wireless providers. There is an explanation though; for China Mobile works on its exclusive 3G TD-SCDMA standard; and it may require the iPhone 4 to be tailored for this carrier.

With the launch of the smartphone in these two countries, Apple is expected to substantially increase its profit.

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