Next Gen iPad 2 (iPad v2) Rumored To Be Getting an OLED Screen

Written By Sam on 20 April 2010

Even before the rumors of iPad 2 have been confirmed, speculations in the blogging world indicate that this enhanced gadget might feature an OLED display, which if true would be baffling news to all the iPad lovers. Apple iPad which features a 9.7-inch LCD panel costing around $60 to $70 will be replaced by a 9.7-inch OLED panel in its successor.

According to Digitimes, the Second Gen iPad though sports the same design concept of iPhone HD(4G) it might feature an OLED screen instead of the display of its predecessor. Recent days, many companies like Sony, Samsung, LG are investing into the OLED research and development; Apple and many other company might very soon change their display panels to OLED due to the effective and enhanced features involved. Currently the price of 9.7-inch OLED display is around $500 and assumptions in market are that the prices of these displays would further go cheaper likewise enabling manufacturers to utilize OLED displays in their upcoming products.

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via Digitimes

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  1. How good the iPad is for reading the e-books? Does the back light make the eyes tired?

  2. Ben w says:

    apple is to predictable
    im willing to bet ipad v2 will have retina display face time and look like a bigger iphone4

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